About The Founders

Maddalena and Turk here! We both grew up with food sourced from our grandparents' hobby farms.

Real Stories — Maddalena would always help her grandparents’ collect fresh eggs or pick snapped peas. Once, she even left the barn door open, accidentally letting the cows escape. Turk was a bit more responsible, and perhaps more business savvy. As a kid, he helped his grandparents sell vegetables at the local market, deliver the produce to elders in the village, and use the money to buy chicks.

Clearly, our love for food and farming is in our identity and so in 2019 we decided to grow our own vegetable garden, with plans for a market front in the summer of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic halted our market front plans and took us towards an online route - and, here we are! 

Started during a time where people were encouraged and forced to distance from each other, Food That Beets is based on the core principle of community and staying connected. We started planting our own vegetables because we wanted a food source that we could trust. We believe in the connection between people and food. 
We believe that everyone should know the farmer who grows their food. We promise to build the necessary relationships with local farmers in Ontario and source the best quality organic food for you and your family. We also promise to grow our own vegetables, just like our grandparents did for us.
We are excited about being a part of your kitchen. By purchasing from Food That Beets you are investing in your relationship with food and improving your relationships with the people and land that are key to producing it.
Yours Truly,
Maddalena and Turk
P.S. Find Happiness in your Food!